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Endorsements for Wiley Hospitality Consulting

Endorsements for Wiley Hospitality Consulting

From former coworkers to partnership companies, see who endorses and recommends Wiley Hospitality Consulting as the best in the hospitality business.

  • "Karen brings energy, enthusiasm and work ethic that are unmatched. Her knowledge of hotel sales and her creative marketing skills have positively impacted many hotels. It has been my pleasure working with Karen and I can say with confidence that she will make a positive difference to any organization."
    Phil Tufano, COO | Kokua Hospitality, LLC

  • "We have worked with Karen for many years now on various websites and digital marketing projects; during that time she has shown herself to be creative, knowledgeable, responsive and adaptable. Working with Karen is a true partnership, which in digital marketing delivers the best results."
    Joe Hyman, Founder & CEO | 

  • "Karen is a force to be reckoned with when it comes to managing a project. She keeps the team on task, provides great expertise and knowledge and most importantly she keeps it honest.  Karen also has the ability to keep it fun and motivating through the entire process."
    Calvin Jung, Owner | Creative: MINT
  • "I have worked with Karen for over 12 years. Karen has a passion for people, sales and attention to detail. In her various capacities, she has supported the full cycle of the sales process and is a strong believer that how you sell will benefit you ten fold.  She develops teams to be the best sellers possible."
    Renee Denofrio, Account Manager | Hospitality Softnet

  • "Karen is always learning and making sure she keeps hotels ahead of the curve when it comes to Sales and Marketing. I work with hundreds of customers in the Industry on a monthly basis and I find myself calling Karen when I require insight into where the Industry is heading. Every time I speak with Karen I learn something new about the Industry, Social Media, Selling, etc."
    Jason McLeish, Regional Sales Director | New Market Software International


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