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Consulting Services for Hotels and Resorts

Consulting Services for Hotel Brands & Independents

Maximize the overall value of your hotel with high-level services provided by Wiley Hospitality Consulting. We assist all hotel brands and independents, including resort, suburban, urban, large boxes, and boutique, as well as developers, REITs, lenders, management companies, asset management companies and owners. WHC is owner centric and focuses on the NOI not just the GOP.

Realizing the world continues to change daily and sometimes without notice,  and you must be able to keep up with not only technology but also with your competitive set, WHC performs all phases of hospitality consulting with emphasis on sales, marketing, recovery, image relaunch, new launch,  e-Commerce and public relations. From “deep-dig” audits of existing assets or possible acquisitions to sales strategies targeted to improve revenue, increase RevPAR, move share and increase NOI, we do it all.

Acquisition,Transition & Launch Services

If you’re planning on acquiring, transitioning, launching or re-launching a property or you had to close for any reason and need to re-launch, let WHC help you every step of the way. From the initial discussions to signing the final paperwork, we utilize our many years of experience to make the process as easy as possible.

Training Services

Your property is only as successful as the team running it. Make sure your employees have everything they need to do the best job possible with our training services. We offer:

  • Leadership Development & Training
  • General Manager Sales Training
  • Director of Sales & Sales Manager Training

Assisting Your Business

If you need services beyond the realm of hospitality consulting, we’re happy to recommend the perfect company for the job. We’ve partnered with various companies and vendors to bring you exceptional services in:

  • Public Relations
  • Web Design, Digital Marketing, SEO, E-Commerce & Social Media Assistance
  • All Marketing, Advertising & Media Plan Assistance

Additional Services We Offer:


  • Launch Design of New or Renovated Assets
  • Launch & Re-Launch Full Project Management
  • Revenue Management
  • Asset Management Services
  • Recruitment of all Executive Management
  • Sales & Marketing Plan Development
  • Budget Development
  • Positioning & Repositioning
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Comprehensive, Creative Sales & Marketing Strategies
  • Hotel Legal Advice or Representation 
  • Sales Team Goals & Segmentation
  • Due Diligence
  • Proforma Development
  • Pre-Opening Strategic Sales
  • DOSM Task Force
  • Innovative Technology Solutions
  • Branding & Re-Branding Services
  • Sales Coaching & Mentoring


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