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Karen Wiley, Founder & CEO of Wiley Hospitality Consulting

Get to Know Karen Wiley, Founder & CEO of Wiley Hospitality Consulting

Karen has spent more than 30 years dedicated to the Hospitality Industry, with more than 25 of those years dedicated in the Sales, Marketing & Revenue Management realm.  Karen began her career in operations and soon realized her skills were aligned more with Sales & Marketing.  She spent most of her career with hotel brands such as Fairmont, Sheraton, Westin, Adam’s Mark and IHG.  There were a few independent hotels along the way, as well.

Karen turned to consulting for ownership groups and was a successful Hospitality Consultant for several years prior to joining Kokua Hospitality as their Vice President of Sales & Marketing, based in their Chicago Headquarters.  The hospitality company managed branded and independent hotels, from big boxes to boutiques.

Karen spent years commuting to her home in Jackson Hole, Wyoming from Chicago, where her husband and German Shepherds were anxiously awaiting her trips in for the weekends.  After years of this commute, Karen decided to pick up from Chicago and return home permanently, and also return to consulting for hotel owners & operators in the Hospitality world. She remained consulting for Kokua Hospitality ( now Siteline Hospitality) as one of her clients.

Karen spent many years as a volunteer, with Habitat for Humanity, chairing the 1st all women’s build in the State of Oklahoma, Mayor’s Commission on the Status of Women, Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts of America, Blind Skier programs and Prevention of Child Abuse organizations.  Karen was also a volunteer firefighter for many years.  


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